8 Simple Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills Next Summer

Nov 22, 2018

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Sammy Cahn wrote “Let It Snow” back in 1945 to quickly add to the great collection of Christmas music.

However, when he said “the weather outside is frightful” you could tell he never experienced a Summer in the South.

With that being said, beating the Summer heat and lowering your energy bills should be a major priority for 2019.

To ensure you can lower your bills, save money, and get more out of Summer, you need to have a plan in place.

Let’s look at how you can drastically decrease your cooling expenses and energy bills this upcoming year!

8 Simple Ways To Lower Your Energy Bills Next Summer

1. Silicone Roofing

silicone roofing can lower your energy bills accurate roof can apply this to your existing roof

While it’s obvious we would talk about silicone roofing, it’s fairly uncommon knowledge about how silicone roofing works to decrease your home’s energy costs.

We talk day and night about how it preserves the life of your roof or how it helps seal cracks and leaks, but it does so much more than that.

It’s ENERGY STAR rated, which means it performs among the top 25% of all products of its type (roofing materials).

So, of its competition and types, silicone roofing ranks among the top quarter of all roofing materials by the government!

In addition, it is 97% reflective to UV rays which is great since around 80% of the sunlight heating your house comes from your roof.

It can cool your roof an average of around 20-30 degrees Fahrenheit

This is huge when it comes to knocking hundreds of dollars off of your energy bills!


2. Run Appliances In The Evening

running appliances can make your energy bills higher - stop using so many appliances and you may lower your energy bills

Your appliances all give off heat. A lot of heat.

Don’t believe us?

Go stand in your kitchen the next time your oven is on and 3 stove top burners are going while your dishwasher is on it’s drying cycle.

It gets steamy pretty fast in there.

This means your A/C has to work way harder to cool down the place.

Andy Farmer, the education resource manager at Virginia Energy Sense, says that waiting until the sun sets to run appliances can keep your energy bills down and help your energy grid remain unstrained.

3. Upgrade Your Shades/Curtains

a picture of sunlight coming through a window - if you upgrade your shades you can lower your energy bills

All that heat that your roof soaks up?

Guess where the rest goes - your house’s siding!

Upgrading your windows, shades, and curtains are crucial to minimizing the heat that comes in and the cool air that escapes.

With all the unwanted space on windows and doors the average building has, it’s like having a 3’x3’ hole on your house!

Replacing your windows with energy efficient ones, upgrading to blackout curtains, and improving the quality of shading you use can drastically lower your cooling costs.

4. Upgrade Your Insulation

A picture of a home getting new insulation to lower their energy bills

Some areas like the attic or side rooms in your home could have thin or no insulation at all!

Since insulation’s job is to keep your house cold in the summer and cool in the winter, ensuring your house is properly insulated in the areas mainly exposed to sunlight can help your cooling costs fall.

A roll of insulation at your local home improvement store costs around $15 bucks, and it can also help minimize sound transfer within your actual home.

5. Use Fluorescent Bulbs

a picture of a fluorescent light bulbs that can lower your energy bills

Not only do fluorescent bulbs last 4x as long as traditional bulbs, but they also give off less heat and use less energy.

These bulbs can save around 6 bucks each over the course of a year, last way longer, and slightly lower the cost of heating in your house.

They are a triple threat when it comes to saving you money!

6. Upgrade Your Thermostat

a picture of a thermostat - upgrade your thermostat to lower your energy bills

There are tons of programmable thermostats on the market today, especially smart thermostats.

These can turn on cool air when you reach a certain temperature and heat when you go too low.

These can ensure optimal temperature control, but they can also be programmed to change those temperature requirements at certain points during the day.

Say you want it to be 75 in the daytime and 72 at night.

You can change the time programming so that it changes to those requests at those exact times!

And these can be done without breaking the bank as well.

7. Weatherstrip Your Home

a picture of a window that needs to be weatherstripped to help0 lower energy bills

Weatherstripping is where you seal up your home so that no drafts or leaks occur.

This can be on windows and doors, but also plumbing leaks and ducts.

Most air lost happens in the actual ductwork in the ceiling and attic before it ever enters your actual vents and rooms.

Be wary of any paneling gaps or shingle gaps you may have on your structure as well, as these can cause major drafts in your home.

8. Change Your Air Filter 

air vent that displays an air filter that needs to be changed to lower energy bills 

Lastly, you need to regularly change your air filter.

Imagine putting a snorkel on and trying to run a marathon.

You can’t get enough air!

This is what a dirty filter is like for your A/C unit.

Change this once a month to maintain a healthy, functional A/C unit and also a lower energy bill.


Keeping your house cool this summer isn’t as hard as it has to be.

Sure some of these tips have upfront costs like silicone roofing, fluorescent bulbs, and thermostat upgrades, but they’re all wise investments that pay off very quickly.

Do these 7 simple things to drastically decrease your energy bills for years to come!

Want to take your first step in lowering your energy bills and increase the life expectancy of your roof? Let's talk!

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