How To Save Tons Of Money On Utility Bills With Silicone Roofing

Sep 27, 2018

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Texas is unlike any other place in the world.

Friday night football here isn't just a sport, it's gospel.

Tex-mex is a way of life!

The sunsets will make you stop in your tracks.

The energy bills are absolutely ridiculous.

...One of those things isn't like the others.

How To save money on utility bills with silicone roofing

The truth of it is that Texas, for all it's glory, is hot. It's always hot. It's always been hot, and it always will be.

With average electricity bills around $128 monthly, Texans need to find a way to save on air-conditioning.

If you're not thanking Willis Carrier (pictured on the left) for inventing air conditioning you're doing something wrong. 

And if you're not using silicone roofing solutions to cut those A/C bills drastically then you're really doing something wrong!

What is silicone roofing?

Many people have never even heard of silicone roofing or what it is.

Silicone roofing is a coating that is primed and sprayed on top of an existing roof.

Of its many benefits to your structure, its main appeals are:

  • -Silicone roofing decreases energy costs.
  • -Silicone roofing is much cheaper than a new roof.
  • -Silicone roofing is easier and quicker to apply than traditional roof repair.
  • -Silicone roofing can be applied to any roof material.
  • -Silicone roofing seals holes and penetrations on your building.


How does silicone roofing work to decrease energy costs?

The amount of sunlight that hits your structure's roof is insane!

That's why solar panel companies will tell you to put panels on your roof.

It get's the most UV contact of anywhere else on your structure.

That's why silicone roofing is so vital! It is 97% UV ray reflective, so it bounces all those heat rays that raise your structure's temperature so much.

If you try to walk on your roof during the daytime you'll basically turn yourself into a nice baked ham because it's so hot!

If you walk out on a roof with silicone coating you'll be able to lay on it and it won't burn you at all.

The reflective properties and energy star efficiency rating of silicone roofing causes your A/C bills to drop drastically after implementation.How To save money on utility bills with silicone roofing

It might not be a hundred dollars a month...but it could very easily be hundreds of dollars every year!

So to answer our question, how do you save tons of money every year on utility bills?

Get silicone roofing!

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