The Importance Of Roof Maintenance - 3 Main Damage Points On Roofs

Aug 23, 2018

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The importance of roof maintenance cannot be understated when it comes to improving the life and integrity of your roof's structure.

Whether it's your business' rolled roof or your home's asphalt shingles, you've gotta take care of it. 

If someone were to never change the oil in their car, drove it until it broke, and then went out to buy a new engine or car altogether, you'd think that person wasn't the brightest of the bunch.

That's just like people that don't clean their roofs, wait until they leak and rot, and then have to pay thousands to replace it.

Simple roof maintenance can mitigate this issue and keep your roof in quality shape for years to come.

We are going to cover the 3 main areas to monitor for damage on your roof.


1. A/C Units, Chimneys, & Vents

This is more common on commercial structures than residential, but there are still a lot of vents and ports for your roof to be exposed.

Often times, when technicians get on the roof to inspect or maintain things like A/C units, they'll drop screws or leave debris on the roof itself. 

If they don't notice, walk on them, and step on the screw, there's a great possibility that they just put a hole in your roof.

Also, the structure's regular cleaning services or owners can damage that when they go up there clean. 

Ask your techs and cleaners to be extra careful when on the roof.


2. Tree Overhang

If you've got trees hanging over your structure's roof, it's wise to always keep an eye on both what falls on the roof and the integrity of the tree itself.

Dead or dying trees will require removal or a trimming to make sure you don't get branches and sap damage on your roof. 

Furthermore, you should clean more regularly during fall months when your trees are shedding their leaves and needles.

Speaking of which, take a broom and brush those needles off regularly.

While regular leaves decay and rot to cause damage, needles will do just that but faster, and have the potential to puncture thin areas of your roof.


3. Drains & Gutters

You wouldn't believe the number of homes whose owners don't regularly clean their gutters.

This simple easy trick will help your building last for years to come.

Gutters serve two purposes: directing water flow off the roof and guiding it around your structure.

Leaving them clogged will, at best, misguide water around your structure which could run down and erode areas around your foundation and, at worst, cause pooling on your roof.

The erosion can shift your foundation and cause major structural damage, and the pooling can cause leaks, rot, and roof collapse.

Once a month outside of Fall and Winter, and twice a month during those months, you should clean your roof and gutters.

This can help keep your roof lasting long and prevent leaks.

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