What Is Silicone Roofing & What Does It Look Like

Aug 20, 2018

silicone roofing


What is Silicone Roofing? Watch our video below, or read the takeaway notes to find out more! 

“Spray your new roof over your old roof” certainly has a ring to it, but what does silicone roofing actually look like?

We wanted to do a brief description of what silicone roofing is as well as highlight it’s main benefits to give you a more complete picture of what you’re getting and what you’re seeing.

Lets cover the main benefits below:

1. Can go on residential and commercial buildings

Whether it’s your home, office, school, storage facility, warehouse, etc… If it has a roof it could use silicone roofing.

2. Little to no tear off

Silicone roofing eliminates costly repairs of tearing off existing roof to repair it. Beyond major damage, silicone can seal and protect without replacing the old roof.

3. Multiple layers seal pinholes

After repairing any needed areas, the priming layer is applied to seal up the remaining minute pinholes that go unseen. This provides an extra assurance of roofing integrity.

4. 97% UV reflective
Texas is hot, but silicone roofs reflect those harsh UV rays that jack up electricity bills. It will keep your building cool and bills down.

5. Cost efficient

It can seal and repair roofing damage without completely removing the old roof. This means it costs much less to repair your roof with silicone than other solutions.

Interested in what it would take to seal and protect your roof for years to come? Get a FREE estimate today! 

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